EBJ  Lash Divas Academy

Be Your Own Boss, Ready to Work from home or open your own luxury lash boutique.


Here at EBJ Lash Divas Academy, our experts prepare you with the most comprehensive hands-on high quality training to start your own lash business/boutique & teach you the proper techniques of applying flawless eyelash extensions to gain enthusiastic repeat clients. 


EBJ Academy Full Course $1,497
In this class hands-on class Miss EBJ teaches you her very own personal technique that she has develop over the 7yrs of her servicing lash divas around the world. By applying strand by strand eyelash extensions creating flawless lashes, & show you how she was able to run successful lash business in the following states. Serria Vista,Az- Virginia Beach, Va -Chicago ,IL
& Jacksonville , FL


1 Month Supply Kit

*Lash Lamp

*Lash Bed

*Lash Primer

*Manual Booklet


*On going Coaching


*Start Up your own business/boutique from the bottom up class

*Light Refreshments

Payment options are giving once deposit is paid



EBJ Look & Learn Class $498

This is great if you are looking to brush up your skill set.


Learn Miss EBJ personal technique of creating flawless lashes

Learn How to free hand lash mapping

Learn How to balance Lashes

Learn How to apply Bottom lash extensions w/ clients eyes closed

Learn Miss EBJ eyelash extension steam method


Includes: 50% Off lash products, light refreshments

Payment Must Be Paid In Full 





Business Class

EBJ Business Class 101. $350

*How To Start a Successful Lash Business

*How To Have Multiple Streams of Income

*Build/ Rebuild Clientele

*IncreaseYour Revenue

*IdentifyYour Niche

*How To Build an Online GOOGLE 5 STAR rating

*Place A Demand on Your Service &*Marketing 

*3months of Unlimited Email Correspone

*3 (30min) Coaching Calls

Non-Refundable Payment Paid In FULL $350 (PAY HERE) )


Online Classes


1) Refresher Eyelash Extension - $399

2) EBJ Business Class - $350

(Kits are avaiable for purchased if needed at $200)

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